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About This Blog

I started in 2008 to write about my newfound appreciation of cars. I was in love with my new (to me) 2006 BMW 330i and “Top Gear.” Then my now-ex-husband’s friends told me I’d bought “a girl’s car.” I hated that. I despise being told that I can’t do something because it’s “a guy thing” — or, worse, that having something be “for girls” is somehow an insult. So I decided to take the phrase over and make it awesome, not detrimental. The more I wrote, the more the name fit, even though my posts were rarely about cars. I worked on owning what was holding me back. That gave me power over it. That made my life even more awesome, not detrimental.

Thanks for reading.


Photo by Rafael Antonio Ruiz. July 25, 2015. Copyright Sarah Rodriguez Pratt.

Writer, dog, vintage handbag, and shoes. (Photo by Rafael Antonio Ruiz.)


About Sarah Rodriguez Pratt

  • I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard University, and a master’s degree in information studies (known as library science once upon a time) with a certification in preservation administration from UT-Austin.
  • I grew up in McAllen, Texas. It’s about fifteen minutes from the Mexican border and about an hour inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Google it.
  • I write and edit for a living. People ask me what I do at my job. The short answer is: many, many things, all of which I genuinely enjoy.
  • When I’m not working, I’m writing novels.
  • I got divorced in 2014. I wrote about it in a series of introspective blog posts, guaranteeing that I will never get a date. But I’m pretty okay with not dating anyone who doesn’t like my blog posts.
  • I have a pound puppy. She’s twelve-and-a-half years old. She’s a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix (I think). She’s the best.
  • I take flamenco classes, a.k.a. “yelling with my feet.” They are also the best (though my dog edges them out for first place in my heart).
  • I speak regularly at the Austin-based storytelling event Testify. It’s amazing. You should come to the next show, whether or not I’m performing (but especially if I am).
  • I got my first tattoo on May 13, 2011. It’s on my back. It’s an image from a Rush album (the “Caravan” / “BU2B” singles). And it’s awesome.


May 13, 2011. Copyright

I can’t stop thinking big. (Click the photo to read the whole tattoo story.)


  • I got my second tattoo on December 15, 2011. It’s the opening notes to “The Spirit of Radio,” the first Rush song I ever heard live, tied around my ankle with a bow in the back. It is also awesome.


Ankle tattoo of the opening notes to

A gift beyond price. (Click the photo to read more and see additional pictures.)


  • I got my third tattoo in April and May of 2014, and it’s on my left leg and lower back. It’s original artwork. No pictures of it on my blog, but it’s gorgeous.
  • I used to write and draw the comic strip called “Totes McGoat,” but it’s on hiatus for now.
  • The car that started it all is a used 2006 bright red BMW 330. I don’t give a crap about name brands, but God, I love that car. I named him Oliver after Richard Hammond’s car from the “Top Gear” Botswana episode.

Thanks again for reading.


Old picture but still an awesome picture. March 23, 2012. Copyright Sarah Rodriguez Pratt.

An old picture (circa 2012), but still an awesome picture.

The fine print for,,, and

  • Some names and incidents may be changed slightly to protect the identity of those who wish to remain anonymous or potentially litigious.
  • Comments are welcome, but comments that are obscene, hateful, personal attacks, or spam will not be approved.
  • Questions, comments, and polite denunciations are welcome at thatsagirlscar [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • Copyright 2014.
  • All posts and photos on “That’s A Girl’s Car” are copyrighted by me, except those clearly attributed to other sources.
  • Reproducing any parts of any posts in this blog without the author’s permission is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not contact me trying to sell me stuff. I will never say yes.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Haters gonna hate.
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  1. Liz Serca permalink
    September 10, 2008 11:11 pm


    This is great! I got a much needed laugh for the day and can totally relate to the tote bags; my HEB bag and my Whole Foods Animal Compassion Foundation go with me to the store and gym, respectively. All I can add is how reminiscent the tone of your blog is to Stuff White People Like. You’re just missing the reference to a Prius in addition to the tote bags. Wait! My black Prius, nicknamed Sable, would surely do the trick… 😉


  2. May 10, 2010 9:40 pm

    everything can use a little more cowbell 🙂

    love your stuff!

  3. June 1, 2012 10:59 am

    Hey, just wanted you to know I nominated you for stuff:

  4. Mary permalink
    May 29, 2014 2:10 pm

    I’ve read your blog for quite some time, but I was totally unaware that you were a Top Gear girl! And Oliver – how perfect. I have a mad crush on Richard Hammond. Hope you don’t mind if I show off your shower curtain to my bird loving friends.

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