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The Wines of My Life: October 2011 – April 2012

April 30, 2012

I feel weirdly unsettled tonight. Even though David and I got tickets to see Rush at their San Antonio show, I’m shame spiraling over opting not to get floor seats. (Some of them were affordable, but I like being able to see above people, and I like sitting down. Damn it. I sound like the old person staying in instead of partying with the cool kids.)

And even though David swore this morning that the revised version of my book is by far the best version yet, I felt like Zoidberg was behind him, yelling, “YOUR BOOK IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD.”

And then I looked at my blog and realized there was only one post in all of April, and today’s the last day of the month. Good lord, I am boring and lame.

Then I realized I have a few “Wines of my Life” entries that I haven’t posted yet. Whew. Instant blog post.

I feel a little better now.


October 24, 2011

I bought this $9 Alandra white table wine on a whim at Specs. Very good decision. It’s so unlike the whites I usually like — it’s very dry and smooth, then bites you with a quick acidic aftertaste — and yet I dig it. It’s like that friend you have who doesn’t say much; but when he does, it’s absurdly brilliant and delightful. I’m going to have to try more Portuguese wines, especially if they’re all this drinkable and interesting.


The Wines of My Life, October 24, 2011. Copyright


January 27, 2012

This is the Macon-Serrieres Les Gravieres, a gamay. Never had one before. Verdict: I really like them (well, this one at least). Similar to a granache with the smoothness of a Pinot noir, this wine has strong cherry undertones. No Cab spiciness. And only $13 at Whole Foods! I’ll definitely be buying this again, and so should you. Bon appetit! Merci! Croissant!


The Wines of My Life, January 27, 2012. Copyright


February 10, 2012

My late grandmother loved Chardonnay. Loooved it. So in honor of her, tonight I broke my “anything but Chardonnay” rule and got the 2011 Excelsior Chardonnay — and I’m happy to say that I’ll probably buy it again and again. I’d forgotten that most South African Chardonnays lack a strong oaky flavor, and this one in particular calls to mind crisp green apples. It’s smooth and not too acidic — perfect for toasting a loved one. Here’s to you, Grandma.


The Wines of My Life, February 10, 2012. Copyright


April 9, 2012

You know how everyone says Texas wines are awful? Pedernales Cellars (and Duchman Family Winery) totally disprove that. If you like Conundrum, you’ll dig Pedernales’ Texas Vino Blanco 2011. Featuring grapefruit aromas, it starts off with melon and burnt caramel flavors and finishes with a sharp little bite. Local and delightful!


The Wines of My Life, April 9, 2012. Copyright


April 29, 2012

I don’t know a lot about fume blancs. All I do know is that the Grgich Hills one costs around $40 and it’s worth it. But this 2009 Chateau St. Jean (from Sonoma, not France, mind you) tastes like a Chardonnay, not a fume blanc. It lacks the rich smokiness except at the very end, and it’s chock-full o’ oak. I don’t remember what it cost, but it was probably around $12-15. David thinks its not bad, but I say it’s a Chardonnay in fume blanc’s clothing.


The Wines of My Life, April 29, 2012. Copyright

Copyright 2011, Sarah Rodriguez Pratt. All rights reserved.

  1. May 1, 2012 9:18 am

    There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life in a more reserved and laid back way. Think of it as being more like Gandalf and less like Merry and Pippen. It’s not like Gandalf didn’t have good times and an appreciation for life, he just did it in classier way. We got class. And we’re old.

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